From Parents


Parents "Ben has enjoyed using this package and it has helped him quite significantly in both homework and exams".
Mrs Frost, Mother of Grade 8 student.


Parents "Amanda has found the Preliminary Program extremely helpful as it follows precisely the course studied at school... The program has certainly improved not only her knowledge but also her confidence in her ability, so much so that she has topped her class in several tests and in the half-yearly exams".
Mr Johns, Father of Grade 11 student.


Parents "I like that it provides Zac with a challenge. He likes to go back to improve his last score. I really like the audio part that explains the problems. It makes it very clear what to do".
Parent of Zac, Grade 5.


Jane "In May of 2006, I enrolled in the Math and English Wiz Programs for my daughter Robyn who was then 15 years of age doing Grade 9. Robyn was a struggling student in both Math and English. Robyn started using the program with the Tutor Support immediately and managed to pass her first Math test in two years! She came from a failing 12% from the previous Math test to a passing 51% on her subsequent Math test. It was only one month of full use that led to the massive change in her marks".
Jane D, parent of Grade 9 student.


Parents "Last year Jan and I were worried about James's schooling, he was in Grade 7 and not doing very well - getting Cs and Ds. James is now an A and A+ student. He enjoys using his computer and using Math & English Wiz. In fact we have to stop him from using it everyday".
Craig and Jan, Parents of Grade 8 student


From Teachers


Teacher"I have had a number of students accessing the program and believe it to be beneficial to both struggling and more capable students alike. An excellent program I have no hesitation in recommending".
Ms Ladgrove, Coordinator.


Teacher"We strongly recommend it to homes for revision and consolidation of key skills and learning facts".
Mr Moran.


Kinetic "This program provides the incentive for students to stick at it and improve their scores, resulting in a feeling of achievement. They wouldn't get this sort of feed-back from normal work".
Mr Mangan, Teacher.


Kinetic "I find the program very useful for my students".
Dr Mishra, University Lecturer (nursing).


George Moran "The effectiveness of “Your Learning Advantage” is confirmed by the large number of families using the new primary “Math Wiz” program who say, “It is too easy” - yet the children have been thoroughly taught by the ‘easy’ program. I am most impressed that, using the program, the students have successfully learnt difficult concepts without the ‘hard work’ which is generally associated with learning mathematics through conventional methods,” G. Moran, B.Min., Dip.Theol., Dip.RE, TPTC Principal.


From Students


Nuria"I couldn't really understand what my (school) teacher was explaining to me but this program is really helping me and I'm learning more and building my confidence in Math. I was excited because in my Math exam I got a really good score. So in the future I will be learning from this program and I'll try to get good scores like I did in my Math exam".
Nuria, Grade 9.


Tim "Makes me better at Math because it helps me study for tests".
Tim, Grade 8.


Joseph"Really good – it has helped me with add and carry and borrow and subtracts, and it’s helped me with my spelling. Really great!"
Joseph (7 year-old home-schooler).


Amanda "I have learned things I didn’t know before. This week I had 100 out of 100 for school Math. Sometimes Mum and Dad beg us to go to dinner, but we are using the program, so we don’t".
Amanda, Grade 6.


Mellisa "In Grade 7 I worked hard at Math but in the final exam I came last in my class. Somehow the classroom work didn't get through to me. Since then I have worked all the problems on the program as the subjects come up in class and I have moved ahead of the syllabus. In the 6 months since I got the program I have been promoted into the highest Math class in my Grade and at the half-yearly exams I came second at Math in Grade 8".
Melissa, Grade 8.


Ethan "In late Grade 9, I achieved 2 'C's (much to my luck, I expected even a D). Aiming at a course in University like computer science, these grades were not good enough. Then, in January, we ordered Math Wiz. In Grade 10, I achieved 2 'A's and 2 'B' s for Math, putting me in the top 5 of class. To top it off, I won the Math effort award for Grade 10! I found the software to be tremendously good".
Ethan, Grade 10.


Gerard "I have been using the Math & English Wiz programs since the middle of last year. It has been helping me a fair bit with my work especially with my Math. I recommend the programs to people of all ages and think it would help many people, especially with using the tutors who give so much help".
Gerard H, Grade 8


Nada "Math & English Wiz has helped me to be awarded one of my school's academic scholarships. I have been able to learn and receive extra assistance without the worry of seeking this from elsewhere, and still be within the comfort of my home".
Nada, Academic Scholarship.


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