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School Wizard Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality of Literacy and Numeracy products. The team of professional tutors, educator’s and graphic designers are continuously making improvements and adding new content.

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Secondary Senior
(September 2013)
Students will gain increased ability to read and write in a much more critical and thorough manner, be able to interpret new texts that they are set and be able to successfully tackle essays and context questions required of them in their final years of schooling.

Download (25MB)
LPI English Update LPI (Language Proficiency Index) is a language proficiency
test for people from overseas, who do not speak English as their first language. The LPI test has four parts: Sentence Structure; English Usage; Reading Comprehension; Essay Writing.

"Find Lesson" keywords. We now have the following keywords available in "Find Lesson":
• LPI Sentence Structure
• LPI English Usage
• LPI Reading Comprehension

Also, please note that "Essay Writing" support is available
from our tutors.

Download (14MB)
English Wiz Secondary 2:
Word Bank
Learn new words and build your vocabulary to make your essays more sophisticated and interesting. Or perhaps impress your peers with some big words. It’s up to you!

Includes 6 activities and 4 tests.

Download (24MB)
Grade 10 Apprenticeship and Workplace Math Specifically for those students who are doing the grade 10 subject: Apprenticeship and Workplace Math. (May 2012)

Download (13MB)
Grade 1 and 2 English Update Includes 11 new lessons and 9 tests:

1. Step 1 – Reading 3 Letter Words
    a. Lessons (x3) and Test (x1)

2. Step 2 – Missing Letters
    a. Lessons (x4) and Test (x1)

3. Step 3 – Listen and Spell
    a. Lessons (x4) and Test (x1)

Download (14MB)
English Wiz Update Includes 25 new lessons and 9 tests on
Comprehensions and Participles:

1. English Wiz Primary 3
    a. More Comprehension Lessons (x3)
    b. Randomized Tests (x2)

2. English Wiz Primary 4
    a. Verbs Lessons (x4)
    b. More Comprehension Lessons (x3)
    c. Randomized Tests (x2)

3. English Wiz Secondary 1
    a. Past Participles Lessons (x7) and Test (x1)
    b. More Comprehension Lessons (x2)
    c. Randomized Tests (x3)

4. English Wiz Secondary 2
    a. Participles Lessons (x6) and Test (x1)

Download (34MB)
Math Wiz PreCalculus Grade 11 Grade 11 PreCalculus course.

Download (37MB)

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