Falling behind in Primary School

Struggling with Math in school is all too common, and a recent “National Report on Schooling” revealed that too many students are already failing Math when they start high school and many more have serious knowledge gaps.

IngridEbony was a struggling Grade 5 student until she enrolled in the Math Wiz program. She had completely lost confidence.

“Before I was using Math Wiz, it was just really bad. I was getting C’s and it was really disappointing. I used to always ask people in my class how to do the Math because I wasn’t sure on it. Now I’m helping other people with understanding Math and it’s a really good feeling”, said Ebony.

“Math Wiz is really exciting, it never gets boring because you can follow what you’re doing at school and sometimes you can even skip ahead a bit and so when you get to learning that at school you already know it. When I started using Math Wiz, it was fantastic, I went from a C to a B minus, to a B plus, to an A.”

Now Ebony is a very confident Grade 8 student and enjoys assisting her class-mates when they get stuck in their Math. Ebony has been using the Math Wiz program steadily for more than two years to support what she is being taught at school.

Ebony’s Mum, Leanne, is very thankful that she found Math Wiz. The program was actually recommended to her by a teacher whose own child was using the program and doing so well that they all thought she was gifted!

“When Ebony came home and said to me 'I think I need some help', then I had to do something. You can’t just say 'Oh, you’ll be alright' because another year goes past and they’re falling further and further behind. You’ve actually got to act on it, to help your child.”


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